African Honey Bundle


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A trio of sweetness!

Unique single-origin honey varietals from Madagascar:

  • Creamy and deliciously perfumed with fresh citrusy touches, Mokarana is a truly unique honey. It’s slightly fruity hints call for calm and relaxation which makes Mokarana honey the perfect breakfast complement…on a slice of bread, brioche or mixed with yogurt. It’s also a bedtime favourite…a spoonful in a tea infusion and you are all set for a good night’s sleep.
  • Niaouli honey is the perfect combination of vegetal and wooden flavours. Wholesome and powerful, Niaouli is a favourite of professional chefs as its freshness and exotic notes enhance recipes with chicken, cheese and fish. Light brown to dark brown in colour, Niaouli honey is usually found in a liquid state.

Unique single-origin honey varietal from Ethiopia:

  • Locally referred to as ‘Geteme’ honey, this Forest Honey is off-white to creamy in colour. With a thick, slightly grainy texture, this honey tastes of sweet, fresh spring flowers on your palate. Great for baking and…on it’s own!

Sample Batch from the soft launch of ‘Bees with Stories’ in the UK. Label paper has since been upgraded due to slight smudging on initial choice.

Why is it special? 

Your purchase directly benefits the beekeepers as well as aids in preventing further deforestation in Madagascar and Ethiopia.

What exactly do they get for the price? 


Quality product with organic certification.

The guarantee of knowing that your purchase is concretely impacting the lives of African smallholder farmers and helping with conservation work.