Empowering Farmers in Africa

‘Bees with Stories’ is the first brand of bee products exclusively sourced from Africa, enabling African beekeepers to sell their bee products to customers around the world.

After a year or so of field research in the apiculture sector in Africa, it became obvious that the most significant challenge faced by African beekeepers is the inability to access markets and fetch a fair price for their products. Lack of traceability and branding, high transaction costs, weak negotiation skills and bargaining power, and poor market information are the underlying reasons behind why African honey varietals hardly ever make it to the international market despite their premium quality which can match any high-quality honey produced anywhere else in the world.

Building on this information, we at “Bees with Stories” have designed a consolidated approach to tackle these hurdles, with a view of achieving the following:

  • Put African bee products on the map, starting with an introduction of African honey varietals;
  • Highlight their unique identity and flavour; and
  • Most importantly, bring additional income to the communities behind their production.