Who is behind ‘Bees with Stories’?

Hi! I’m Madvee. I grew up in Mauritius, and witnessed first-hand the different development phases the country experienced in the past 3 decades, along with its challenges. Having seen and benefited from the progress achieved, I wanted to see my own country improved further, but also help in making that change happen for other African countries. This ambition (very idealistic ambition one might add) led to a career in international development.

The experiences of the past decade have been an eye-opener to say the least. I won’t dwell on the many problems plaguing the field but I decided that I wanted to do development differently. I had an idea and turned it into a project–‘Bees with Stories’. Through ‘Bees with Stories’, I am hoping to showcase that we can run a profit-making enterprise and still have positive social impact. I’m putting my skills, my acquired knowledge, my common sense and a whole lot of resilience into making this happen.